Friday, January 21, 2011

Why Did Baby Doc Return to Haiti?

Here is an interesting news clip from Democracy Now! about the return of Baby Doc, a former U.S. backed dictator of Haiti. I am personally interested because his regime, manned by his father Papa Doc and still supported by the U.S. government murdered my grandfather and attempt to murder my mother and her whole family in Haiti. This led to my family's immigration to the United States. In Haiti, my older aunts and uncles where attending school in the capitol set to be doctors, lawyers and professionals. Conditions of their lives were not grand but it sufficed, there was love and family. This is the personal effect of oppression; lives are changed and torn apart, people's freedoms are taken away and tragedy prevails. If we take it to the next level of the community; oppression stripped Haiti of middle class people and families who had the means to provide Haiti with professional expertise to allow it to provide for itself and guide Haiti for Haitians. Please Enjoy this clip.

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