Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter Wonderland- Rotation of Positivty

Here in the Northeast there is a really bad snowstorm again. Work was canceled and everyone hunkered down for the storm. Well that is my scenario. I am blessed to have a job that cancels work when there is a blizzard. Allowing me to be stress free from trudging to work during a blizzard. I actually starting this year, decided to not move while there is bad weather. I do not want to drive or go far. I let life stop, it feels amazing.

Previous years, my hectic self would venture around trying to continue to live; including going to work. While watching the news here in New England there is a culture of complaining about continuing to live in this weather. You sit and watch the news casters complain about the hardships of the winter like we do not live in New England and it happens every year. Then interview people complaining about the weather, like we do not live in New England. But I see another side to these blizzards: kindness in everyone.

After a blizzard when I decide it is appropriate for me to go out, you come to a beautiful snowy landscape. Everything freshly after a blizzard is covered in white, the air is crisp and often the sun is brightening life (through the reflection off the snow). I enjoy it, as long as I have nice winter boots on and a good hat. At this time, not everyone has shoveled or the paths are narrow paths not allowing any more than 1 person to pass. As I walk the streets and you come to others I tend to find positive courteous energy among everyone. Smiling with hellos and good days, we pass each other. Short conversations between strangers or your neighbors about the hard work and hardships we will face digging ourselves out. The best part of this winter wonderland is the courteousness of sharing paths with others. I love when a stranger and I come upon each other, we can silently or only with a hello, decide who will go first among the path. Taking turns person after person first the nice Puerto Rican man will go first, the next yuppie couple I encounter will allow me to go first. Back and forth, through a journey you are allowed to be courteous to another then receive courtesy. A little walk to the store could make my day, warming my heart to pass by so many nice people and feeling good by doing something so small but sweet to another.

So here during my environmental day off :), I think of the positivity given to me in this Winter Wonderland.

Stay Warm: Dream P Love

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