Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lazy Daze- J*Davey Describing Me

I am back here, ready to post some nice things! New Music, Feminist Thought Commentary and 2!!! Motivational Videos. I have been absorbing a lot and now it is time for me to put out. I also have some retro post that I needed to finish so I will post it also (They are about 2 years old). I have been having some nice Lazy Days where the motivational videos are helping me wrap my mind around perfecting my writing craft. This process I am going through is HARD! Self Motivation, self- sacrifice, and a longing for the future have filled my spirit, yet I need to dwell in the present of working hard. So enjoy some J*Davey below and if you dig it, buy it.

Love, Peace and Blessing: Dream P. Love

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