Saturday, December 25, 2010

Simphiwe Dana: Jazz Singer from South Africa

So this artist I am showcasing is an amazing vocalist. I wish, I could receive translation of her music. Simphiwe Dana is a Xhosa South African jazz singer. Her music even if you do not understand it, resonate with your soul. You feel her voice ring, at first you might want to shed a tear. If she speaks of her music, you break down with the imagery she provokes. So the following is some of her music.

Well, while posting the videos I came across a info tid bit about her music video. it said "This music video was a very close collaboration between Andrew and the artist, Simphiwe Dana. It was shot on 3 locations over three days. The basic concept was of African futurism and of creating a futurism based on African principles."

While traveling in South Africa and Rwanda I believe I saw that sentiment of creating an Africa with African ideology in mind. The Western Non-Profits and agencies come to fix Africa with their ideas of what is development for Africa. I have sat in classes where people voice their idea of development for a better world as the reality they see in the United States. These same students are working in and starting non-profits with their ideology in mind. This is what fixates me on Simphiwe Dana and the other South African artist I have come to know. As artist they are the embodiment of Africa for Africans with African in mind. Please, listen and be tune in with these ideas


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