Wednesday, December 15, 2010

U.S. of A.: Extreme Edit

I am American yet contrary to popular culture; I hold very critical view of my country's values, culture and government. I am editing this piece to make it more diplomatic. So here is the first article an exposure of what America has done to the world and how it is coming back to them.

Actually, the article is about how China has a monopoly on clean energy technology, the USA is left dependent on China's exports. As any smart new emerging power, China is charging major tariffs and limiting the exports, giving them major control of this important market. We have to take into consideration that dependence on nonrenewable energy is not feasible. The value added cost of nonrenewable energy exceeds the benefits given as a energy source. Without access to renewable energy, the USA will become reliant on China for the the technology and know how. If you want to take it out of academic language, America is set to be the bitch of China. They will be scrapping and begging for the needs to keep America energized.

The article expectantly tries to paint China as the bad guy and the United States as the victim. There is a lot buzz currently with China defying the WTO regulations by devaluing their currency and for their tariffs. All the actions that China is taking as an emerging super power are the same actions the Unites States has taken in their heydays. I could go on how America has been in that role of monopolizing resources and technology to keep countries dependent on their resources, foreign Aid packages in the fine print include the use of U.S. companies and over priced commodities which only hinder the progress and self determination of a country.

So this article about China and their use of tariffs is just part of an arsenal of articles you can find in the N.Y. times to explain to us how China is bad.

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