Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Left Brain Right Brain sometimes middle brained

So, today as I joyfully drew a poster for one of my clubs, I realized I had missed the opportunity to explore the arts in College!So, to you world wide webbers let me explain myself to you. . .

I love art, creativity and expressing myself! As a little girl I drew pictures of people and gave them names addresses, likes dislikes, family. . .life! I daydreamed playing the piano as Beethoven and created stories for my little sister at night. The moment I had enough money to buy clothes they became a way to express myself. Although I am no avant garde dresser, I enjoy fashion and dressing nice as a way to express who I am. I adore all types of art and love immersing myself in ideas of artist!

So as I created that masterpiece of a club sign, I sighed, I should of explored Art and social justice as a mix. . .those are my true passions! I know with all the papers I struggle with, deadlines that dizzy me, I am happiest creating myself inf orms to share with others.

Below is the answer to a quiz I took on Right Brained Left Brained. . .of course I am predominately Right brian but interestingly enough, I personally enjoy the order of math (I was never good at it, or tried to be) and I love the mystery and discovery of science (same as math)! I think the real question is how do people take a life time and indulge in everything that is dear to them?

After my results are some links to some wonderful artist I love!!

Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz
The higher of these two numbers below indicates which side of your brain has dominance in your life. Realising your right brain/left brain tendancy will help you interact with and to understand others.
Left Brain Dominance: 5(5)
Right Brain Dominance: 12(12)
Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz

Jessica Care Moore, A African American Poet who has a song with Nas

Miguel Luciano, A Puerto Rican American Visual and Installation Artist
His work has a lot of Social commentary and just amazing! You can learn a lot about Puerto Rican history and the Diaspora through his art


Erykah Badu: One of my favorite singers! She has an amazing voice and a lot of unique things to say. Please listen to her new album, her mind is crazy!


Lat but not least Thelonious Monk!

I love this guy! He's like a jazz ODB, once a black listed musician and not hailed a great until way too late

Well, World Wide Webbers, I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tune for American Thought!



Da Educator said...

I love this blog, and even more I'm happy to have been the inspiration to write it. I have always been fascinated with neuroscience and the arts. And in this blog you have managed to make them both connected. Not too many people can do that. I'm very impressed and I will even post your blog on my blog (koolkidsinc.wordpress.com). Keep up the creativity and most importantly your sense of uniqueness.

-Omar A.

Get Togetha said...

There's a entire wealth of information regarding creativity and the hemisphere's of the brain.

Love TMonk!..