Sunday, October 26, 2008

Posing for a Poet. . .but it was worth it!

SO, I think my friend sen me a link to a facebook fiend or something and there I was at Warsan Shire's facebook page. Honestly, her mere image is amazing! A gorgeous Somali woman wearing her Habib (Please correct me if I called it the wrong term) That presents beautiful quotes, phrases and thoghts. I had not read her poetry but her image was unforgettable.

So as I am procrastinating today, I went to her page and listen to her poetry. Her prose and rhythm reminds me of listen to Arabic verse, translated or not it is one of my favorite rhythms. So here World Wide Webber check out Warsan Shire, LOndon living Somali breathing. . .

So there is this one poem called Mothers ESOL by Warsan Shire, that I cannot FIND! Its on her myspace so I will give just that, enjoy!

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