Monday, October 27, 2008

A Secret I must Reveal: Melody Ehsani!

Hello Wold Wide Webbers! I want to introduce you to an amazing designer who I LOVE right now! I stumbled upon her in one of my Fashion blogs () She is Amazing she now designs and customizes a shit load of celebrities!
Eletrik Rock wearing Melony Ehsani! I do not even know who they are but their style is fly, with helpings of M.E.

Here is MC lYte with her custom Melony Ehsani! Not just celebrities get custom made jewlery! You can 2!

Here is Melony Ehsani's Fly Ring on Nas, I love it! Keis was seen wearing her to!

lAst but not least, the fashion blogger beloved paparazzi stalked: Rihanna!

Let me tell you more about Melony Ehsani! She was taking the familiar route of school and work, I think a lawyer when she up and quit and followed her passion! Jewelry design! She must be a woman after my heart, because I love stories like this. Especially with her retro look her designs are all the RAVE! I love how she puts together the classic 'hood chic, retro 90's and 80's and current glam! I can't wait to pick up my ring tomorrow in my mail box and order2-3 pairs of shoes!

Yes ladies she makes shoes! So check her out here at Karmaloop

Well, lets make this woman a star! Peace Gods!