Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rant and Rave: The image of Ms. A. Keys

Now, I can tell you, Alicia Keys use to have the worst style, especially for an artist of her caliber;
lets journey back!

Most of the time her outfits were not fashion but hideous personal style of a performer. Sometimes her make up would not match her skin tone, too light or too dark, or just plain fugged up. It made me wonder where the hell were her people?

I think A. Keys was trying to display a unique New Yorkness to her sometimes, the braids, fitted, style that sometimes resemble hood style. This next video is classic A. Keys fugg ups of style: A woman's Worth

Alicia Keys - A Woman's Worth
Uploaded by mh176

I guess Clive Davis, woke up and made sure this lady got some people. Now all of a sudden, she got designer outfits, great make up, they sent her ass to the gym. . .but my rant and rave is her HAIR!!!!

One thing I loved about A. Keys is how she repped for the natural hair women! She seldom, straightened her hair and had bomb as braid styles.

If she was trying or not she was a role model for Natural hair woman and how we can be women and rock braids. I believe she sent a strong message now that to be beautiful, sexy and well kept you did not need to only wear the white European styled clothes but also their god awful straight hair.

My rave, is how typical her people are and MAYBE her, for conforming to these social codes. Ms. A Keys has beautiful style now but resembles a white woman more and more everyday (LOL, yeah she is half white, but her hair is not naturally straight)

Well, my life continues, the world turns and Ms. Keys now looks like this:

Where she shows the Style Evolution of Ms. A. Keys


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