Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Words- Will you be my valentine and Creativity -Please be my Soulmate

Last, night I went out to see Retrospek, a Boston based group highly praised by my friend Catch Wreck. Although, I missed all but their last song, which was hot, they caught me. I stayed to see the other acts, which all help me reclaim words as my valentine. I love words in all their forms, I love when they eloquently graced across my distracted mind and catch my attention. There was only two acts that ceased to entertain me. This one guy went on and on about bitches, I mean more than one song saying bitches all the time, which honestly hurts my feelings. The other I didn't vibe with except for the borrowed popular beats. The only reason I couldn't vibe with these two groups was the lack of creativity. You see, words I have a crush on them. They charm me, they tend to lead these undaunting lives that lead me to want to be with them and help shape them. Now creativity is what guides me and leads me to awake and breath. If I can't perceive the world through my own dimensions and try to display what I saw, I don't think I would make it out my yellow, white and orange room.

So with my ode to words and creativity here is the new Nas and Damien Marley Video- Patience. The use of words is powerful especially when it exclaims some of the most important subjects that is left underwraps. The creativity use to make the video is amazing. I would love to dissect the imagery used one day with a willing collaborator.

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