Monday, March 2, 2009

The Free Flow of Ideas!!

So, my freshman year of college, we read an article about how every artist before another artist influences your work. I 100% believe this and love soaking up art forms, to influence me!!I also believe there is common human experiences as well as a well of knowledge. Well, interestingly enough my friend Janis showed me a poem by Jill Scott the other day, to my surprise I could of thought she copied my ideas. We both wrote poems about women and a common experience! So below please check first my poem and then Jill Scott. Of course I have lots to learn about, all hail to Jill Scott.
Well till next time World Wide Webbers.

-I am a woman-
As a woman , I feel abused and used CONSTANTLY

Walking down the street its my ass and my face that catches attention. . .
the indecent forwardness of niggas,thinking about my ass against their cock
my plush lips agianst neck

Very few will stop to say, my yellow jeans reminds them of being on drugs
because thats y i love them
Or the oxford heels are so 1920. . .

Meeting new guys is always about putting out your wild card
if Iamnotwillingtocharmyoushowyouaglimpseofmysexualprowess
Than I will be ignored

If I refuse to be the one, that needs the attention
no one will ask Adora what is your take on Affirmative action

As, I woman i am constantly insulted hearing other woman hate women
not hating

But hate with the idea that a woman is a vindictive animal, like the world and the bible says we are
Believe we are only humans with emotions, with the hunger to be loved
not that we also have the capacity to be political beings. . .enacting our power

I am a woman, and all woman

are strong, inflicted, abused, loved, unloved, crazy
weak, happy, sad. . .worthy

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