Sunday, November 9, 2008

Its 2008 Im young and Hung! Fashion Film

Lol! World Wide Webbers that is exactly how I feel! Being in my young twenties, oh so new adult not a teenager years! Life is great and free. SO this file I am going to talk Fashion! Something I can afford to focus on because I am young and hung! lol
These are all my current obsessions!

High Rise Jeans!

So here i Kelis, Kim K. and Beyonce aka Sasha, in high waited attire. FYI Kim's look is a bit flat so please say no to the one color attire, zombie make-up and TOO LONG WIDE LEG PANTS!!
So my fashion obsessions plus some tips!
1: Do tuck in a shirt! Let it be fancy like Kelis or plain like Beyonce!
*HInt plain is so sexy! if you dress it up wit a purse or jewelry, you can change from day to night!

2: Let go of the high waisted skirts to clubs! That style has been done since 2004! We can move on now! but do wear it to the office with your conservative jacket cardigan and brooches!

3: Embrace WIDE LEG! I love the new wide leg styles they are so versatile! I wear with sneaker, heels or loafers! With a plain colored shirt you can brighten up the mood!

I was going to add more of my fashion obsessions but I will abstain till next time World Wide Webbers!


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