Thursday, April 24, 2008

Perception, Perception, Past Perception

Last Night a Lil' Wayne song came on while driving: Miss My Dawgs
Listen Here:

This song always pulls me into illusive memories and bad nostalgia! Sometimes I can't even help but to tear up thinking of the friends, family and lovers I've lost to life and the evident change that accompanies it. Yet, I stay positive by thinking what I have gained in those experiences.Lately, I have been challenging the perception of my past. . .those bad times and heart breaks and beginning to perceive them as part of my positive life journey!

So my dear reader, I give you a challenge, to post or contemplate. . .think of a past experience that brings strong emotion and change it in your mind as positive force in your life, a force of progression (Does that make any sense)!

Here is a poem made a long time ago about past perception friends love and lost:

The way things are ending

I never knew things will end the way it is
Dear friend and love If I ever knew
Itll be like this for us
If I ever knew
we werent going to travel the world and live this love
If I ever knew money and success would come at this cost

If I ever knew my loves my friends

If I ever knew the friend ship we had would end the way it did
If I ever knew we werent gonna make it out together

If I eva knew maybe I would of cherish my timme even harder

Becasue this reality we are living, I know I cant face it
(and i think am living the easier deal)

The reality you are living, my love my friends
Is harder than the day I cant get ut of bed

I love you all and I wish we could travel the rainbows we dreamed of
The places we believed we see

Feel the love that we once had, or maybe still have

If I ever knew this is how things would of ended or

How reality was to begin. . .

To my lost ones, loved ones, friends, and to all
This is how its ending and I havent caught on yet


Peace and Bless

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