Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dream? Purple? Love?. . .So who are you? "Im a dose of reality"

Imagine: You and I are laughing "jajajajajaja"
But pause, we look around and we see, we are performing on a studio stage of a sitcom
we take the time to step into the audience, because we are not performers, we are not part of a sitcom.

As we sit in the audience and laugh "lol"
We pause and realize this situational humor, only lightly based on reality, is oh so not amusing.
so we leave, through the TV, lights, tech-savy words and electricity.

We end up outside of the TV screen, on your couch. Books around us, TV on, art, breath, sounds of outside. . .life, real life that cannot be encompassed by 26, 48 or 108 minute intervals, only a lifetime!

Thats what and who I am, a person that will write about real life, a stumbler when I notice one, a commentary when I am aggravated or relieved, a poem of mine others, art of others, mini- biography of amazing people I know personally or not.

Welcome, to my world! My opinions and random thoughts! Things I am forecasting for this journey: tirades on reality, other peoples words, links, my awe of a new place I travel to.

Who am I? Dream Purple Love! Not satisfied? Stay Tuned!


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